Find out how to get involved and support the Special Olympics Great Britain National Summer Games. The event will take place in the city of Sheffield between 7 – 12 August 2017.

This is the country’s largest multi-sports event for athletes with intellectual disabilities to be held in 2017.  Around 2,600 athletes with intellectual disabilities of all ages and abilities will come together from across the country. They will be supported over 4 days of competition by 800 coaches, 1000 volunteers, 200 officials and over 7,000 family & friends.


Please find images from the games here: https://www.flickr.com/photos/nsgsheffield17/albums

Games Stories

A huge thanks also to our supportive families this week! #SOGB

Forth Valley footballer James Ferguson was born with a developmental delay, which significantly affected his ability to learn new things such as listening to words and handling objects.

James also suffered from hip dysplasia at a young age and wasn’t able to walk until he was 4 years old.

He is now taking part in his first Special Olympics games only 2 years after he started playing football.

His mother, Maureen said: “We’ve faced many challenges over the years, but sport and the Special Olympics has changed James’s life. He’s loving every minute of it.”

Proud mother, Maureen, can be seen here on the right with James’ auntie, Margaret.

Big thanks to our officials this week, such as our fantastic football referee.

Veteran referee Pete Lynch loves the Special Olympics because of the fantastic examples of sportsmanship that take place throughout the whole competition.

He said: “The genuine pleasure on their faces when they score a goal is simply brilliant.”


Words by: Edd Evans

Some golden news from Boccia! Well done Leslie! #SOGB #Sheffield17

After winning gold just three weeks ago, Leslie Martin [below] has won gold once again at Special Olympics GB, his biggest competition yet.

Mr Martin, 34, won three games in total at these games. 
He said: “I am absolutely over the moon, I’ve never been in a competition of this scale before.”

He has been playing Boccia for five years and plays Boccia for the Yorkshire League.

Mr Martin and his coaches are hoping to gain a further two gold medals to add to the collection.

Leslie, said: “I was up against some strong competitors, some were ex-England and ex-Great Britain players.

His brother Kyle Martin will also be competing this afternoon along with his best friend Jordan Bruce.

Best of luck guys!

Words by: Sarah-Louise Kelsey

You don’t have to be involved in sports to support us: Huge thanks to ‘Practically Theatre’ for coming out to support us. #SeeingIsBelieving #SOGB

West Yorkshire theatre company, Practically Theatre, who are performing their new sketch in Sheffield tonight, show their support for the swimmers.

The 12-person theatre group, who provide workshops for people with learning disabilities, will be in Tudor Square this evening, performing their new show, ‘A New Journey’, which was inspired by disability athletes.

Tom Morris, 25, said: “We have loved showing our support for the athletes today.”

“The Special Olympics is really good fun, for athletes, their families and spectators like us, we definitely want to come again.”

Practically Theatre, was founded by Anna Lewis, 25, in 2014.
Mrs Lewis, said: “Today has been a bit of an adventure for our theatre group but it has been exciting.”
“We can’t wait to perform in Sheffield later.”

Practically Theatre will be performing their devised theatre piece, “Boxes”, which explores how it feels to be labelled and put in a box, at Knaresborough Feva Festival on 16th August.

(Tom Morris,25, left) (Anna Lewis, 25, centre in yellow)

Word by: Elizabeth Day

Swimming has changed the life of a Glaswegian swimmer, as he secured fifth place in the 100M Medley at Ponds Forge.  

Jack Logan, 17, has been swimming for seven years as part of the City of Glasgow Seals and will be representing Scotland West in the 4X100M Freestyle Relay today.  

Mr Logan’s mother, Isabelle Hatton, 41, said, “It’s an amazing atmosphere at the Special Olympics, watching all of the athletes come together and compete is truly inspiring.” 

“I get goose bumps every time I watch Jack swim, he changes when he is in the water.” 

“Jack is just so confident, swimming really helps him, not only physically by making sure he doesn’t just sit in front of the computer all day but he gets to meet people his own age and socialise.” 

“I can’t tell you how happy we are to support him and celebrate the Special Olympics.” 

Dylan Cross, 14, who is also swimming as part of the Scotland West delegation, won silver yesterday in the Men’s 50M Backstroke.  

Mr Cross, who has only been swimming for two and a half years, will also be competing in the Men’s 50M Front-crawl, the 100M Front-crawl and the 4x100M Relay today.  

His mother, Laura Cross, 35, said: “Watching Dylan swim was amazing, I am so proud of all he has achieved.”  

“Dylan’s come so far, he’s usually so socially awkward and struggles to interact with other people but in the water I don’t even recognise him.”  

“He becomes a different person, he has so much confidence when he is swimming, he can do anything.” 

“Dylan is proud of himself now and it is lovely to see, he is a real star.” 

Both Mr Logan and Mr Cross have the support of their family, 13 of them have turned up at Ponds Forge to watch their races.

EQUESTRIAN head judge Doug Smith served for 21 years in the mounted police – until he broke his back in a horrific fall from a horse spooked by two speeding lorries.

Forced into early retirement, Doug turned his focus to Riding for the Disabled Association, which he was introduced to by a charity pin badge seller at the Horse of the Year Show while competing for West Midlands Police.

Dapper Doug, now 66, is adjudicating in the Working Trails discipline, which tests athletes’ practical riding skills.

He said: “The Special Olympics is the perfect combination of participation, performance and pride.”

Written by Ellie Wilson


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Watch the video to learn about two of our Special Olympics athletes stories.

Niall Guite – Football
Alexander Thompson – Basketball

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