Families Village

Tudor Square, Sheffield, S1 2LA

Opening Times:

Saturday 5th:               1200 – 1800

Sunday 6th:                 0900 – 1800

Monday 7th:                 0900 – 1800

Tuesday 8th:                0900 – 1200

Wednesday 9th:           0900 – 2130

Thursday 10th:             0900 – 2130

Friday 11th:                  0900 – 1200


Frequently Asked Questions


  1. Where do I collect my Accreditation Packs?

Tudor Square, Sheffield, S1 2LA. You won’t be able to miss the Families Village – it’s huge!

Families must try their hardest to collect between Saturday and Tuesday.

Accreditation Packs will contain:

  • Accreditation passes for your family group
  • Your opening ceremony tickets
  • Families Games Handbook
  • Much more on what to do during your week in Sheffield.



  1. What if I cannot collect my accreditation pack before Tuesday at Midday?

Accreditation Packs will still need to be collected from Tudor Square during the rest of the week.

Your Opening Ceremony tickets will be moved up to the Copthorne Hotel on Bramall Lane. There will be a designated desk to collect these before the opening Ceremony begins.

At 1645 any remaining uncollected tickets will be moved to Sheffield United Football Club Box Office.

Ask a volunteer if you need directing to anywhere – they will be everywhere!



  1. Can I get somebody to collect my accreditation pack because I am unable to?

Ideally not. If it is an absolute must, please bring some personal identification and written consent from the family member whom you are collecting for.


  1. Can my accreditation pack be taken to my Athletes sporting venue for me to collect?

Unfortunately with such a large amount of families attending the games, we cannot split up family packs and send them to that particular venue. You must collect these from Tudor Square.

There are tram links and other great public transport methods for getting around the city so getting to Tudor Square shouldn’t be too difficult nor take too long.


What is going on at Tudor Square?

Saturday – Tuesday: Collection of Accreditation Packs.

Wednesday – Friday: Information Centre. Information stalls from local charities and organisations will be available help those with Intellectual Disabilities. Everyone is welcome.


Entertainment at Tudor Square:

There will be performances from local ID drama group Practically Theatre on Wednesday and Thursday during the day.

Wednesday Evening:

There will be a disco and social evening for families groups to come along and have fun mixing with other families groups.

More information on this will be available when you collect your accreditation packs.

Thursday Evening:

The Buckrose Concert Band, a 44 piece brass band will be playing easy music and ending a great week in Sheffield for family groups.

More information on this will be available when you collect your accreditation packs.