Hollywood Bowl

Ten Pin Bowling 

Ten Pin Bowling


There will be free car parking at the centertainment district. It can get very busy so you may need to park and walk up to 10 minutes. Please give yourself time.

Hollywood Bowl
Valley Centertainment
Sheffield Leisure Park
Broughton Lane
S9 2EP


To plan your route, click here: http://www.travelsouthyorkshire.com/SpecialOlympicsGB/


Existing café and restaurant are open within Hollywood Bowl serving hot and cold food and drinks. Many other restaurants in walking distance at the Centertainment district.


As most 10 pin bowling alleys the viewing is tight at Hollywood Bowl. There will be standing and folding chairs available to view the action. Please allow the seats to be used by people less able to stand. Please give priority to viewing to those with family members competing in a specific match and follow the instructions of the volunteers to keep the fire exits clear and the venue safe.

Spectator areas are tight – there is limited space at each lane for viewers to watch each specific match – there are fold out chairs for spectators not able to stand and limited space for wheelchair users. Please talk to the volunteers to ensure the safety of everyone and try not o block the walkway.


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Hollywood Bowl will be home to Ten Pin Bowling throughout the week for the three days.

There will be an Honoured Guest Desk just inside the entrance of the venue and the hosts will be able to direct you to the spectator areas.

Awards ceremonies will take place on Friday at the venue for all competitions.

Closing ceremonies will take place at the venue between 5pm – 6pm on Friday

If you have not received your registration email, please contact us at 2017guests@sogb.org.uk